What Does a Mommy Makeover Entail?

Jul 01, 2022

What Does a Mommy Makeover Entail?

Starting a family is one of the most rewarding phases of life, but there’s no denying it brings a slew of changes that significantly impact your body’s look and function. The good news is there's a way back to your pre-kid body.

A woman’s body is nothing short of a biological marvel. But unfortunately, it’s hard to appreciate all the work it does during pregnancy and childbirth when you’re left feeling like a stranger in your own skin. 

Led by Sotirios Papafragkou, MD, FACS and Susie Rhee, MD, our team at Plastic Surgery Associates of Long Island understands how overwhelming the postpartum journey can be. Here, we give you a sneak peek into how our mommy makeovers help women throughout Roslyn Heights, New York look like the supermoms they are. 

Support for your breasts

Your breasts experience rapid changes during and after pregnancy. These changes inevitably alter the shape of your breasts and can leave them looking and feeling saggy and limp. That’s why two of the key components of our mommy makeover are breast lifts and breast augmentation.

These simple but effective procedures efficiently reshape and restore your breasts, helping you feel more like yourself again. 

An answer to stubborn fat

Losing the baby weight: If it wasn’t on your mind before your baby arrived, it likely is now. Unfortunately, the demands of motherhood can keep you from sticking to a regular diet and exercise routine. 

The result? Stubborn fat that gets harder and harder to get rid of. The solution? Liposuction. Liposuction removes unwanted fat from virtually anywhere on your body, including your thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. 

Improved contours

Remember that adorable baby bump? Unfortunately, it’s probably been replaced by stretched-out abdominal muscles and sagging skin. That's where a tummy tuck comes in. 

If your little bundle of joy wreaked havoc on your midsection, a tummy tuck can remove excess skin, tighten up your muscles, and significantly improve the look and shape of your tummy. 

Talk to us about some of our other body contouring services that target common problem areas, like your arms and thighs.

Restoring your vaginal area

Your vagina undergoes perhaps the most strenuous and extreme changes during childbirth. The throes of delivery may stretch the internal and external structure of your vagina, resulting in both physical changes like sagging labia, as well as functional changes that negatively impact your sex life. 

No matter what’s happened to your intimate region, we have advanced procedures that restore its function and appearance. Depending on your needs and treatment goals, we may recommend either a labiaplasty or a vaginoplasty. 

During a labiaplasty, we carefully remove excess tissue that surrounds the opening of your vagina, improving size, shape, and comfort. Vaginoplasty involves surgically tightening the tissues inside your vagina to enhance sexual function.

What to expect when you’re expecting a mommy makeover

Recovery from a mommy makeover largely depends on the type of procedure you have done. For most, recovery can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. You may experience some swelling, bruising, and pain while you recover, so it’s a good idea to plan on taking some downtime. 

You may also need to take a break from strenuous activity and heavy lifting for several weeks following your makeover, but you can get back to a modified version of your daily routine fairly quickly. 

Other ways to bounce back

Our lineup of mommy makeover treatments is the best way to streamline your journey back to your pre-pregnancy body, but there are a few things you can do to maximize your results and make additional progress. Consider these simple tips and tricks:

  • Breastfeed to burn extra calories
  • Focus on strengthening your core
  • Don’t stop taking your prenatal vitamins
  • Do Kegels when you’re ready

It’s also important to build up your mental and emotional health after you’ve had a baby. Your body has changed a lot, and in some ways, it may never be the same. Be sure to set realistic goals and learn to love your post-pregnancy body. 

Ready to find out how we can turn back the hands of time on your mom bod? We’d love to talk with you. Call or click to schedule an appointment at our Roslyn Heights, New York, office today. 

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