Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery services offered in Roslyn Heights, NY

Eyelid surgery can transform your eyes, restoring a younger and less-tired appearance. At Plastic Surgery Associates of Long Island, in Roslyn Heights, New York, the experienced team of surgical specialists is captained by colleagues Susie Rhee, MD, and Sotirios Papafragkou, MD, FACS, who has trained under the world’s leading expert in eyelid surgery. To learn more about upper and lower eyelid surgery, call the office or click the online booking link now.

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Eyelid Surgery Q&A

What is eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery is a procedure to revitalize the eye area. The surgery involves removing extra fat and skin from the upper lids (upper blepharoplasty or upper eyelid lift) or the lower lids (lower blepharoplasty or lower eyelid lift). If desired, you can have an upper and lower eyelid surgery at the same time. 

When might I need eyelid surgery?

Some common reasons to have eyelid surgery include:


  • Sagging upper eyelids 
  • Puffy upper eyelids
  • Under-eye bags
  • Sagging lower eyelids
  • Fine lines beneath the eyes


There are both medical and cosmetic reasons to choose eyelid surgery. For example, sagging upper eyelids can disrupt your eyesight and sagging lower lids can cause perpetually dry eyes. But, most people choose eyelid surgery because it greatly improves the appearance of the skin around the eyes. 

How does the eyelid surgery process work?

Eyelid surgery is usually an outpatient procedure. You receive local anesthesia and a sedative medication to keep you comfortable during the procedure. 


In upper eyelid surgery, the incision moves along the natural eyelid crease, and the surgeons remove fat and extra skin through this incision. Tiny sutures or surgical adhesive close the incisions.


In lower eyelid surgery, the Plastic Surgery Associates of Long Island surgeons create an incision just under the natural lash line to remove extra fat and skin. They also redistribute fat in the area to remove under eye grooves. 


By using the natural lines and contours of your eyelids, the surgeons can minimize obvious scarring. 

What can I expect during eyelid surgery recovery?

Most people go back to work in a few days or a week. If you wear contact lenses, you must swap them for glasses over the next couple of weeks. And, you can’t wear eye makeup of any type during your recovery. 


If you have stitches, you’ll return to Plastic Surgery Associates of Long Island three or four days after your eyelid surgery for removal. It’s important to protect your eyes from the sun and bright light, as they may be extra sensitive for a few weeks. 


The Plastic Surgery Associates of Long Island surgeons have superior skills and can give you outstanding results. If you’re tired of looking tired, call the office or click the online booking tool to learn more about eyelid surgery now.